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Coopr is an integrated communication agency with Public Relations and Content Marketing at its heart. It is our ambition to solve communication issues for our clients in a creative, effective and integrated manner. We embrace new technology and media forms and have been pushing the boundaries for both ourselves and the PR industry since 2009. The 28 enthusiastic professionals in our offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp help clients, such as Netflix, Coca-Cola, adidas, LinkedIn, Toyota, Thalys, Siemens, Huawei, Warner Bros and Domino’s Pizza, find answers in this rapidly changing media world. With our own graphics studio, video producers and content strategists, we have branched out across the breadth of the creative communications sector.

How we are organized

We are the first PR agency in the Benelux that is organised according to the principles of Holacracy. Why? Because we believe that 28 highly-skilled people are much smarter than a few individuals. And because we want to continue developing ourselves at high speed. In many organisations, people have to ask for permission to take an initiative. Holacracy says: you can do anything you like as long as it is in the interests and in line with the purpose of the organisation. And yes, that can be an exciting quest when it comes to freedom and responsibility.

We stand for something

Since day one, Coopr has been pushing the boundaries for itself and PR as a whole. That is why 4 concepts have been central to the organisation since the start: passion, professionalism, audacity and fun. They form the agency’s boundary-pushing DNA.


We are the biggest fans of PR. As eternal students, we keep up with international news and digital trends and test modern tools each and every day. We use books, journals, podcasts and events. And we are always delighted to share this enthusiasm for our profession. Via our podcast, our blog, and Coopr events.


There is a reason why we work with clients such as Netflix, Coca-Cola, Thalys, Adidas and LinkedIn. Our team is made up of pure professionals who know exactly what clients can and should ask. From in-depth analyses and strategic advice to tactical creativity and content production.


Pushing boundaries requires a little courage. A mentality of thinking, dreaming and doing. The guts to launch new initiatives or develop new products. But also saying what you think and doing what you say. If someone says ‘Jump!’, we ask ‘Why?’, not ‘How high?’.


Fun is the connecting factor that makes Coopr the groundbreaking agency where you want to work. So our calendar of activities is quite full throughout the year: New Year’s dinner, wine tasting, Easter breakfast, paintball, Halloween, Sinterklaas or Christmas. And not to forget the spectacular birthday party of Coopr on 1 September, which is organized every year by our founders: Jody & Jos.

European network of independent agencies

We believe in a hyperlocal approach when it comes to managing PR across all European countries. That’s why we work together with some of the ‘Best-In-Market’ agencies in the Nordics, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Many times functioning as the go-to agency that functions as a hub for all the other agencies.


Do we dream about being active across the complete EMEA region? Yes, we do. That’s why we constantly re-energize our network in Europe, The Middle East and Africa. And someday, maybe… we open up shop in Dubai and Capetown.

Want to discover what we can do for you in the Benelux or across Europe?
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